Kannst du Erfolg und Liebe bekommen?

Munich, Germany

Picture this, you’ve focused on academic excellence and burnt the midnight oil to pass strict examination systems. Your parents have always thought you’re a star who’s intended to excel and this is the way you have modeled your own path. You’ve been handpicked for your dream job from one of the stiffest competition. Focused, billed and a top achiever, that is you. Then you pause to take stock of life.

Seien wir ehrlich

You check social networking sites as you see your buddies cradling bouncy babies or posing in their bridal finery beside dashing men. You’ve felt lonely at times but intentionally kept yourself free and available for work. Travel to daunting destinations, chest tightening deadlines and dusk to dawn meetings. What’s missing is that the gentle nuzzle of a boyfriend, a reassuring cuddle from a husband.

Men respect you tremendously but do not approach you. Your idea of a fantastic time is an office perform in a nightclub or a business offsite where you wind up talking new deals. What can I do? Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is stealing every possibility of you finding a soul mate. Somewhere, something’s gotta give. If you think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you’ve accomplished the basic needs of food, shelter and safety. It’s only natural that you hanker for belongingness. It would not be wrong to state that it strengthens your sense of purpose.

A man wants a woman as a woman requires a man – that is the eternal truth. Yes, you don’t want the traditional version of a breadwinning husband as you’re the homemaker. There are dime a dozen guys around that are searching for powerful, financially independent women. They need partners, women who share their interests and match them. You’ve worked hard and made many sacrifices to reach where you’re. There are guys out there who wish to cherish and encourage you; you just need to see them.

Wussten Sie das?

As you meet people, you may understand that not everybody is a’complete package’ with a slick vehicle, a magnificent home, a cushioned bank balance, fiscal freedom, brimming with love and planning to settle down. You need to keep analyzing and re-prioritizing aspects which will make you happy. So just how would you go about finding the love of your life?

  • Play to your abilities and plan your life. Introspect as to what sort of life you envisage both instant term and long term. Know what you want and you’ll then know where to look and how to attain it.
  • Bolster your own femininity. So far you’ve attempted to triumph in a man’s world by outplaying him. Now you must fit another mould. You must charm him, so girl, turn on all of your buttons. Wear flattering colours, use cosmetics, and update your wardrobe with feminine cuts and heels. Sashay into the hearts of your intended audience.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection. If you have lived a particular script up to now, people will need time to adapt to a new script. So have them tune into the new you.
  • Work to a loose plan. Don’t let other priorities maintain clouding your mind all the time. If you compartmentalize your personal life from your work life and set different goals for each, you can attain both sets on autopilot.
  • Send out the signal that you’re trying to find love. The issue is if you do not, how would busy professionals like yourselves grab your new schedule? Clarity will help in these situations as do extended family and friends.
  • Have fun in the process and enjoy your travels. Loosen up and your changed attitude will shine through. It may be a learning curve but if you remain positive and luminous, you may bring in a loving companion quite obviously. So shine on, you love magnet!