Haben Wechseljahrsbeschwerden eine Lösung?

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is a natural process which happens in a when her menstrual period stops. It’s not a disease, nor is it an illness but a portion of the transition period in a ’s life. Menopause commonly occurs between ages 45 or 55 years old. For others, it might happen later on in life.


If you’re in your menopausal stage, you may experience many different symptoms due to hormonal changes in the body. Quite often, these are a distress and very challenging to take care of. However, these symptoms may be treated in a medical or natural way.

    • Hot flashes and night sweats – these are triggered by , spicy food, alcohol, hot water and heavy blankets.
    • – is described as having difficulty falling asleep or waking up during the night and can’t return to . These can result in decreased memory and impairment.
    • Depression and Mood Swings – characterized by fatigue, loss of interest in life, diminished appetite, suicide and death ideas.
    • Anxiety – includes out of control, palpitations and difficulty in breathing.
    • und – because of hormonal fluctuations, menopause may lead to dry, itchy skin and thin, dry hair.
    • – diminished and elasticity.
    • density loss – because of reduced estrogen levels which may result in osteoporosis.
    • Weight gain – because of water retention and change in lifestyle.

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Another popular alternative for treating menopausal symptoms is that the (HRT). It’s available in various forms: capsule, pill and patch form. HRT replaces the 's . Additionally, it prevents osteoporosis, colon , and may even delay onset of Alzheimer’s disease. However, HRT is associated with specific risks like formation of blood clots, breast and ovarian cancer, especially when employed for over 4 decades. Women with cardiovascular and liver disease, and history of esophageal and breast cancer should are not suggested to take HRT.


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