Wurde bei Ihnen Morbus Hashimoto diagnostiziert?

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When you hear the words Hashimoto’s Disease and Hyperthyroidism what exactly are they talking about? Well, Hashimoto was a Japanese surgeon. He was born in 1881 and died in 1934. The disease that was called after him is a chronic thyroiditis. Additionally it is a frequent cause of a goiter, which is an enlargement of the thyroid gland, which secretes hormones which control the body temperature and also the use of energy.

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There are different names for this disorder and they are: Hashimoto’s struma, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, or Hashimoto’s struma lymphomatosa. One thing you may be concerned with is what do you have to do once you’re diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease or Hyperthyroidism? Any supplements which contain iodine will have to be stopped. Though iodine is an important nutritional supplement, in regards to Hashimoto’s disease it will really excite the immune system and cause an attack.


You’ll have to make certain your vitamin D intake has been properly absorbed into the body. This vitamin is a must for the immune system. Get tested to make sure. While you’re getting tested for your own levels of vitamin D ask your doctor to check you for gluten sensitivity. It appears that people with Hashimoto’s Disease have this sensitivity that means when gluten is on your body your immune system will attack it and try to kill it, and this causes sizable inflammation, to the point where your system will ruin your thyroid gland.

Get your blood or saliva tested, but also a stool test. To keep on eating gluten is harmful to your current condition. It’ll be your responsibility to control your blood glucose level. It’s necessary to watch it carefully. With good regulation you’ll keep from tripping your immune system. One thing you have to do if you were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease or Hyperthyroidism is not to take anything that’s an immune supplement.

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It is only going to confuse your immune system. What is going to happen is that the imbalance will attack your thyroid gland. The most important thing is that you need to have the ability to feel great again. If you or someone near you has recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease or some of the thyroid dysfunctions listed above, please stop taking anything with iodine and some other immune supporting supplements. Over time, you might wind up doing more harm than good. Get tested by a doctor and follow their instructions.