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Dentist cleaning teeth with titanium metal tooth pick instrument to remove plaque and decay.

As I was doing some dental study I came across some information that exposes some harmful dental clinics that I found quite disturbing and would love to share my discovery. According to Dr. Nara roughly 90 percent of all root canals performed are unnecessary and in reality extremely dangerous!


In the early 1920’s Dr. Westin Price reasoned that root canals were debatable and with a group of 60 researchers began a 25 year evaluation. What they found should have removed the practice of root canal treatment in Dentistry. Apparently there are bacteria which may be harbored in root filled teeth regardless of how perfectly they are done. These germs that get trapped within the microtubules of the tooth, mutate and become toxin factories, can migrate through the body and can infect any organ, tissue or gland.

These toxins can get out to the blood and cause degenerative diseases or make them worse. This is known as focal infection. Dr. Price’s work was well documented in two volumes of 1,174 pages and in 25 posts. He observed many patients with crippling degenerative diseases which were not responding to therapy and suspected infected root canal teeth to be the origin of the issue.

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So he started experiments by implanting a root filled tooth by a patient under the skin of a lab animal, typically a rabbit, he discovered that in virtually every case the creature would create the same disease as the individual, shed weight, and often times would perish. In one of these experiments, an infected tooth from a woman who suffered from severe arthritis had been implanted under the skin of a healthy bunny and within 48 hours that the bunny was crippled with arthritis.

In 100 percent of over 300 instances, the rabbit would find the same illness as the individual from whom the tooth came, in under 1 week. Later, Dr. Price discovered he could embed modest pieces of the root rather than the whole tooth, or pulverize the teeth and inject the powder and create the very same results.

Eventually, he found he could culture the bacteria found in a root filled tooth and inject the toxins out of it to the lab animal and replicate the disease in the toxins alone. It’s important to remember that when he implanted uninfected organic teeth no negative health effects led. Dr. Price also discovered that a large proportion of patients recovered from their diseases after the root filled teeth were extracted.


The principal bacteria in root canals found by Dr. Price comprised streptococcus, staphylococcus, and spirochetes. Bacteriologists now have verified that Price’s discoveries were true. They isolated in root canals exactly the very same strains of “streptococcus”, “staphylococcus” and “spirochetes”. What Dr. Price reported and what he discovered with the tests which involved some 5,000 animals over the 25 year period was root canal stained teeth, no matter how great they looked, or how free they were out of symptoms, always remained contaminated.

Notwithstanding the thousands of experiments conducted and of the thoroughness and excellence of his root canal study, all of Dr. Price’s 25 years of scientific efforts were so well covered up that there’s barely a dentist alive today who has ever heard about his discoveries. Why has this advice never been made public? Dr. Price’s research was suppressed and buried over 70 years back from the autocratic action of a minority group of physicians and dentists who refused to take that the focal infection theory. The”focal infection” theory claims that the bacteria can migrate from a central focal disease – like teeth roots, teeth or inflamed gum disease.

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The new location can be any tissue or organ, as well as the new colony will be a fresh source of disease in a body plagued by chronic or recurrent infections. This was really revolutionary thinking from the early 1920’s, and this concept is well accepted as it’s been proven and demonstrated many times over. More recently, a 1998 study involving 26 case areas, published in the American Academy of Periodontology, reasoned that the true root canal sites in addition to the blood samples of subjects contained anaerobic bacteria. Dr. Robert Jones looked directly at the relationship between root canals and breast cancer.

His 5-year research involving over 300 women with breast cancer found that 93 percent of them had root canals. Interestingly, he also discovered that, typically, the cancer tumors were found on the same side of their body as the root canal. It’s important to recognize that not everybody who has ever had a root canal is made ill by it, though it’s understood that each and every root canal filling does flow and germs do invade its own structure. The variable element is the energy of the individual’s immune system.


Some individuals in good health have the ability to control the pathogens that escape from their teeth into different areas of the body. However over time, most people with root canals do seem to develop several sorts of systemic symptoms that they didn’t have before. Dr. Meinig practiced dentistry for 47 years and in most of the time he had never heard about the experiments which were conducted by Dr. Westin Price. He had performed many root canals in his dental clinic and when he discovered Dr. Price’s research that he had been outraged. Dr. Meinig is currently responsible for bringing Dr. Price’s work to mild and shares this information in his book, The Root Canal Cover-Up.