Are You Turning Forty?

40 Geburtstag, eine Feier und Sektgläser

As I’m turning 40 this weekend, I believed it would be fitting to write something along those lines. Believe me you twenty and thirty something’s, it is not as bad as it appears. Turning forty is great and I amazingly, am incredibly calm and at peace with this procedure.

Gut zu wissen

I discovered this poem below floating about online and found it rather fitting. But am I aging like fine wine? Could someone please tell it to my thighs. My make-up free days are a thing of the past. I just hope my concealer lasts. What are these gray hairs beneath my head.

Tell me Miss Clairol, if I go red? I’ve decided that I’m a fine Chardonnay! Ten years back, when I turned thirty, it was a massive shock for me. Where did the time go? Didn’t I just hit twenty one? I don’t know whether it’s the fast paced world we live in, or maybe we just get busier, and do not see how time slips past us until we reach various milestones in our own lives.

Verstehen wir es

Turning thirty wasn’t a terrific feeling. I felt scared I was getting old and I had not attained all that had I needed also. I began checking frantically for a change in my appearance, hoping that first wrinkle to suddenly pop out. Physically I felt twenty one, but why was I thirty? Okay, so today as I turn forty, I find myself surprised to realise that I don’t look so worried anymore. I feel much more settled than I did ten years ago, and what if I have a few additional wrinkles/laugh lines, they add character, so we tell ourselves.

I feel more confident and at peace than I did ten years back. I now have a gorgeous, lively and healthy little girl that means the world to me, and I am happy at how my life has improved. I’m not as worried what people think and say about me, and have begun to realise it is much better to have a couple of close friends than several acquaintances.

Erinnern Sie sich an

Okay, so there are a number of drawbacks, the major one being that my body has stiffened (and deciphered) marginally, and I can not do what I could at twenty. Being a teacher of dancing and being surrounded by young healthful bodies daily, it tends to remind you that yours is fading slightly. Another drawbacks – I really can not think of any right now! It is said that life begins at forty, and I am starting to find out what they mean. Bring it on, I’m totally prepared for the next decade.

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