Meditieren Sie immer noch nicht?

Relaxed Young Businesswoman Sitting On Chair Meditating In Office

If you haven’t begun meditating yet, or believe meditation is for the hippy dippy, touchy feely types, think again. In the last few decades, science has thrown up a mountain of evidence demonstrating the benefits of regular meditation. Meditation is cheap yet very powerful. It enhances our physical, mental, and psychological well-being and may just be the secret to a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Research indicates that 30 minutes of meditation may improve symptoms of depression, anxiety and pain. Meditation can be used to reduce chronic pain in patients. When we practice Meditation, natural pain killers in our body such as endorphins are released from our mind, which can help alleviate the pain. You can use meditation to change habits and behaviours that you don’t like. Research and scientific studies have shown that meditation can help you control impulsive behaviors and may also help reprogram your mind through repeated meditation sessions.

Disease such as obesity is reaching an epidemic status in US and is quickly becoming a worldwide health threat. Meditation can help you to break your mind and body profoundly and reduces anxiety levels, which may reduce cravings for food. Meditation also helps minimize our responsiveness to pain that may boost our energy levels and help us take on new fitness challenges and execute workouts in a simpler and enjoyable way.

Notiz nehmen

  • Meditation can calm and arrange the brain so that it may cut back on distracting thoughts and keep previous information which may have a beneficial effect on memory.
  • Meditation has been proven to have positive impact on memory.
  • Meditation will help you build better relationships.
  • Meditation can be a excellent way to enhance your relationship with those you love and attention.
  • Studies have shown that those who meditate frequently tend to approach problem-solving with their spouses using a positive mindset and with less bitterness.
  • Meditation helps your body and mind remain in the present and you build a degree of calmness that when applied to relationships aids in reducing confrontations. Fears and phobias negatively impact our ability to deal with certain situations.

Berücksichtigen Sie

You can use meditation to construct your self-confidence and this might help you change your attitude towards your anxieties and phobias. The reprogramming of the mind is an integral meditation concept, assisting you to deal with anxieties and phobias. Sleep is quite important for our cognitive skills. Apart from using sleeping pills, meditation is effective in inducing sleep.

The calming effect of this meditation may improve insomnia by supplying you benefits like improved REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep and increased amounts of melatonin. People suffering from anxiety disorders like stage fright may reap the benefits of Meditation. Trained mindfulness instructors can treat patients with depression and anxiety by conducting meditation sessions that enhance their confidence and negative thought patterns.


Stress is known to cause elevated blood pressure and increase in glucose levels. Managing stress effectively with good rest and meditation will help in improving your health. Meditation can calm the body and this reduces the heart rate and blood pressure. Stress reduction through meditation also helps to enhance our immune system and accelerates healing.