Entscheiden Sie sich dafür, Ihr Baby nicht zu stillen?

A young mother is breastfeeding her baby in a cafe while she is having a coffee

Necessary medications and several other situations could cause a woman to choose never to breastfeed her baby. Today’s culture is a lot more accepting of bottle feeding a child. Many mothers go back to work soon after the birth of a child and breastfeeding is merely not conventional in the common workplace.


Breastfeed infants get a part of everything consumed by mom, making prescription medications, alcoholic beverages and several over-the-counter medications off limits. Additionally it is difficult to gauge just how much milk a breast fed infant actually consumes accurately.

For children with medical ailments that want close tabs on their intake, bottle feeding is really a necessity. Many baby websites offer chat discussion or rooms forums focused on the discussion of bottle versus breastfeeding. Baby websites could be a great way to obtain information regarding the nutritional also, emotional and social areas of choosing never to breastfeed your child.

Most of the popular baby and parenting magazines provide a corresponding baby website with additional articles now, links and contests to other helpful baby-related websites.