Beginnen Sie mit der Menopause?

Do you wonder if you’re beginning to go through menopause? The era it starts will differ from woman to woman but in the event you’ll learn from your mom at what age she began and what symptoms she’d, you can usually predict a similar experience on your own. Needless to say, you may also go to your physician for blood tests to confirm whether you are menopausal.

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For me, it began with modifications in my menstrual cycle, which I discovered is very common in the vast majority of women. In this pre-menopausal or peri-menopause stage, your period may become lighter or heavier. Your periods may have an erratic schedule, beginning earlier or later than anticipated and lasting longer or shorter than normal. Everyone differs. Whatever your body does is probably normal for you. Sometimes a physician will prescribe birth control pills to attempt and regulate the menstrual cycle. Check with your physician if you’re worried about some of your symptoms.


These may start in this period or a while after your last period. Again, it is going to differ from woman to woman. Some women have severe hot flashes lasting three to five decades and others have hardly any issues. I’ve heard so many stories about hot flashes and the distress it causes. It can allow you to feel extremely tense and nervous if you feel a hot flash coming on. Outwardly, a hot flash enables you to turn red hot and get sweaty. It’s a fantastic idea to dress in layers so that you can remove clothing and cool off as needed. Drinking ice water helps too! Remedy for menopause is the best source for more tips and help.

Hot flashes at night could cause another frequent symptom, insomnia. Even without hot flashes, you might have a difficulty falling asleep or you may wake up and find it hard to return to sleep. Insomnia can occur in menopause without hot flashes. The experts state that lower estrogen levels due to menopause or aging play a role in short term memory loss and lack of concentration.


Going through menopause causes anxiety that also affects concentration and memory, a vicious circle really. In every instance, lower levels of estrogen trigger some type of menopause symptoms in most women. The symptoms can be quite different and mild or obvious, varying among girls. I was lucky. Menopause hasn’t been hard for me, if it was genetic or due to a healthful vegetarian diet and lifestyle, I do not understand. There are a number of ways to manage each and every symptom. I hope you can find answers and assist here.