Gibt es natürliche Lösungen für die Menopause?

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Are there any natural health solutions for ? The easy answer is a resounding”Yes!” The longer answer involves the nature and nurture of a experiencing menopause. For starters, what is menopause? So, just what is happening to a woman’s body during this time period? Physically speaking, a woman’s ovaries gradually produce less , leading to the cessation of and menstruation.

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More importantly, however, menopause is a natural health process and a crucial transition into a different phase of life. Transitions of any sort involve change, occasionally uncomfortable adjustments, with a transformation caused by completion of the transition. Menopause isn’t supposed to be treated as a disease. Frequently, women aren’t conscious of alternative options. Thus, the they will seek the advice of their doctor who typically will recommend replacement therapy.

There are artificial kinds, namely Premarin, Prempro, and Provera, which are the most frequently used (which are made from horse urine). Additionally, there are , which have recently received much buzz out of recognized celebrities. Bio-identical are made in the laboratory to have the exact molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body. Yetour bodies are lively, ever-changing organisms that need a very individualized approach with natural health solutions.

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Not every woman will answer the one-size-fits-all approach of artificial or bio-identical hormones. And, being that menopause is a transition, a natural health approach that encourages a woman through this time are the best and caring approach. This is where classical comes in. A professional practitioner will find a homeopathic remedy that’s individualized to her special needs.

The remedy consists of mostly plants and easy minerals and requires the healing intelligence of nature to excite her own special healing response. This manner, the body will get strengthened to support it’s own transition. This is particularly important for a woman because her body is so inherently interwoven in the rhythms of nature. Such interweaving is modeled at the context of her , which signifies a birth and death each month through the release of an egg and shedding of tissue. This typically coincides with the exact lunar cycle of the moon’s orbit around earth.

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How much more connected to nature could you get? Thus, as the menstrual cycle changes during menopause, it indicates she’s prepared to proceed to another phase of her life. This is a gorgeous process that’s honored in a woman through classical homeopathy. Classical homeopathy can’t regenerate an endocrine gland which might not be working anymore, thus necessitating a synthetic or bio-identical hormone replacement.

This is best discussed between a woman and her physician. However, typically, classical homeopathy will help a woman throughout her transition and help encourage her in adapting to the change.


Additional to using homeopathic remedies, women are counseled to participate in adopting habits like proper , adequate , and effective management. There’s absolutely not any substitute for healthy lifestyle habits! There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies to pick from to help a woman experiencing . She is best advised to consult with a qualified homeopathic practitioner who will individualize the remedy to her specific needs, and who will also advise her on healthy lifestyle habits.


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