Gibt es natürliche Behandlungen für Angst in den Wechseljahren?

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There are many explanations why several females have got panic and anxiety attacks, that are furthermore understand because panic attacks. A primary reason is a temporary discrepancy because of the human hormones which are impacted by perimenopause. Mainly they are female plus progesterone, yet occasionally furthermore testo-sterone which usually impacts the particular libido of girls (commonly known as a man body hormone but additionally found in women).

Hormonelle Veränderungen

Once some of these human hormones is out of stability, the outward symptoms associated with peri menopause can begin very rapidly. Other signs and symptoms consist of warm sensations, night time sweats, sleeping disorders, plus head aches too, however the stress for a few ladies is their particular most severe headache. It may arrive at most improper periods too, for example whilst doing it buying plus all of a sudden the particular overpowering sensation to be uncontrollable may surpass a person. Which includes ladies addititionally there is fatigue, however, not constantly.

The causes of this particular unexpected stress? In perimenopause, or maybe the starting associated with perimenopause signs and symptoms, the particular body hormone female could be prominent because the progesterone begins to drop. This increases the panic reaction since usually the particular progesterone body hormone begins to stage within throughout the 2nd half a female’s routine, using perimenopause this does not take place (especially every time a period will be missed) as well as the soothing a result of the particular progesterone is usually in no way obtained.

Using the prominent female, tension amounts stick to an increased degree and several periods the strain associated with everyday life contributes to this particular impact. This could develop with time too, as well as the panic attacks are the system’s regular reaction to this particular nerve-racking period. Another way to obtain stress will be the well known adrenal intrigue, specially when these people begin to breakdown because of body hormone discrepancy. The adrenals glandes are little intrigue which are located close to the the top of kidneys, plus exude the harmful chemicals cortisol plus epinephrine.

About tension

They are frequently known as tension human hormones, so when the particular well known adrenal intrigue not necessarily working correctly they could get into overdrive leading to serious stress. The easiest method to try to maintain signs under control would be to to begin with look after yourself, prevent coffee plus an excessive amount of glucose in your deiting, furthermore prevent greasy or even acidic meals plus consume a lot more me llaman rather.

Getting a minimum of half an hour associated with physical exercise 3 times or even more each week might have excellent advantages as well, that decreases tension plus boosts the “feel good” chemical substances for example dopamine within the mind. Also thinking ahead whenever you understand you will end up within a nerve-racking circumstance is helpful; you are able to psychologically get ready and therefore reduce your own tension ranges in advance! Meditation, aromatherapy, plus massage therapy are excellent methods to decrease anxiety and stress too. Find a better natural treatment like dark cohosh, ginger main, or even good quality chamomile teas and you could discover your own stress ranges to regular very quickly.