Sind Selbstverteidigungswaffen tödlich?

Sad man alone walking along the alley in night foggy park. Back view.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, the world around us is not as secure as it was. Now, you can simply go out and want to have fun and someone attacks you. For some individuals, these attacks can be deadly. We still have some amount of control in regards to preventing ourselves from becoming victims like practicing some common sense.


For instance, if you are a woman, you can not expect to be out in the streets at 2am and feel protected. So you can just avoid being in this sort of situation. But for those folks who only want to be certain that we’re protected, we can always use self-defense firearms. We can expect that we will not ever need to use them, but as long as we would like to keep ourselves safe, it’s our right to carry them around as long as we do not use them to inflict harm on innocent men and women.

There are lots of different self-defense weapons you can buy now and they’re largely categorized as either lethal or non-lethal. The decision on which you have rests entirely on you, but as you select, you can probably think about the type of threats or risks which you’re facing. For instance, cops will frequently have to carry deadly weapons due to the nature of their tasks. They are frequently connected with dangerous criminals and have to equip themselves with maximum security.


But for a civilian, you might decide to carry a non-lethal weapon. Aside from this, there are a lot of things you need to check into so that you can select just the right one for you. If you’re thinking of purchasing a lethal weapon, you are taking a look at rifles, handguns, and knives. As you know, these weapons can cause deadly wounds and if you’re untrained in using them, you may even wind up hurting yourself. This is in fact one of the disadvantages of using these deadly tools. You’re likely to need training in order to use them safely and efficiently and you even have to obtain a license.

Another drawback of deadly weapons is that you could just wind up being accused of being the attacker when you were really the victim. This is particularly risky when the true attacker is unarmed. The responsibility of owning these weapons can also be much larger and whatever accidents happen because of reckless use by a relative, you’ll be liable. On the other hand, non-lethal firearms are always simpler to use and convenient to carry around. They’re also much cheaper and are extremely handy.


Definitely, you want to training to have the ability to use pepper spray or stun guns, for example. There’s also no chance of harming yourself permanently since these weapons are meant only to trap and not actually to inflict damage on someone. You don’t have to receive a permit to use them. The moment you get them, you may quickly use them without having to go through documentation. The option of a weapon of self-defense is completely your own. Whether you decide on lethal or non-lethal is your own choice. Just make sure you carry your weapon responsibly because that is how it was made to be.