Sind PMS, Nachtschweiß und Schlaflosigkeit verwandt?

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In some social circles, the entire PMS syndrome is a useful tool for off colour jokes however for the countless women who experience it, the night sweats and sleeplessness that are part of it are not funny. This circumstance is quite real and isn’t only a woman’s head. It is not an attention getter and it certainly is not a joke.

Was passiert hier?

It’s great if you do not suffer from this syndrome however knowing what to do about could make a big difference in the world. PMS is directly brought on by a hormonal imbalance. It happens because of the extreme changes in the hormones just before a woman’s period. The syndrome comes completely with night sweats and sleeplessness, and of course other symptoms that for a week or every month can make you feel as if it is not worth living.

Women who struggle with PMS are well familiar with the symptoms they experience monthly. Beside the night sweats and sleeplessness, weight gain can also be one of the key symptoms. It’s typical for the hormonal imbalance to radically increase appetite when making any kind of physical activity unappealing. This disorder plays with the emotions and may exude feelings of depression that leads to over eating.

The only answer is to find a way to fix the imbalance. Many women are searching for success with all natural hormone supplements as it assists their self-esteem to handle PMS and keep a healthy weight. As you going right along with the weight gain, then come food cravings. Many women are familiar with having abnormal cravings throughout their period or before it. It’s fairly common and normally no problem. However those food cravings are almost impossible to ignore. There are a whole lot of theories about the hormone like food craving connection.

Regardless of which notion is ultimately proven right, the food cravings can be controlled with proper therapy. The mood swings are the favourite symptom to generate fun one of however there is not anything funny about them. Imagine struggling with insomnia and night sweats and then feeling completely out of control as it comes to your emotions. For a lot of people, this is frightening them and makes them feel so out of touch that any aid is welcome.


Fortunately these signs can all be handled with a high quality hormone supplement. Menopause treatment which mention in our site is an exceptional example of a natural solution. It’s helpful to take control before the danger of night sweats and menopause become an issue.