Can You Tell Me Three Weak Spots On Your Attacker?

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Many folks become squeamish about the notion of hurting another human being, particularly damaging them as poorly as one can. We’re a cultured civilized society that ought to no longer need violence to resolve any situation. Unfortunately, we don’t live a Vulcan society such as Mr. Spock, where logic dictates.


We, if we wish to acknowledge it or not, are in a violent, dog eat dog society where certain kinds of people won’t hesitate to injure or even kill you, for what they desire. Of course everyone would rather rationalize or give up a substance thing to an attacker than resort to violence.

However, that decision is generally not ours to create, the offender usually dictates those conditions. Faced with that circumstance, of no way out, we have to defend ourselves and also the best way to defend ourselves is to strike. Attack without hesitation, with viciousness and with the sole intent of injuring your attacker quite poorly, before he does it to you. Your intent is to injure the attacker badly enough, disabling him, you can obtain separation and escape by fleeing.

Take note!

This must be accomplished as rapidly as possible, you do not need to get into a fistfight, and with as little force as is needed. By saying that I do not mean pulling punches, I suggest attack methods that allow a 98lb. Woman to immediately disable a 200 pound man. We’ll begin by examining three exposed areas in the human body, spots which can’t be strengthened by any means, where to strike. The eyes are a really sensitive and vulnerable body part, which will temporarily disable an attacker, even if you do no permanent damage.

What to do?

If you are walking alone in a parking lot or other deserted area, always carry your keys in your hand with a couple of keys protruding from your fist. If hurried by an attacker, don’t hesitate to push your fist forward, not in a round house swing, but instead a jab, aiming for the eyes. Don’t want to blind someone? They need to have thought of that before they attempted to kill or hurt you.

If the attacker gets you on your back trying to rape you, grab his head and push your thumbs into his eyes as hard as you possibly can. If his mind is too far away to catch, lash out, again at a jab movement, with three hands together and slightly bent, at his eyes. The three fingers gives you a better chance of hitting a watch than with only 1 finger. Here’s a vulnerable spot you’ve likely never heard of, the Philtrum. This is the area between the nose and the upper lip and is filled with thousands of nerves that when struck, will instantly cause the eyes to rip. Additionally, this area directly affects body equilibrium, so in case you press, in a 45 degree angle, on the philtrum up towards the nose, the attacker can’t keep his mind from being pushed backward, which if standing, will cause him to fall over backward.

Getting away from the head region and by passing the groin, which many male attackers are very leery of, we will visit the knee joint. A quick good kick to the knee joint will shatter the knee cap and then leave the attacker helpless. A kick to the surfaces of the knee cap, inward or outward, will tear the cartilage and ligaments holding the knee in place, which will also quickly disable the attacker.