Can Tough Times Produce Headaches?

Human spine pain

Are Tough Times causing you headaches? It’s not hard to see that times are difficult. You or someone you know might be experiencing health problems due to the wealth issues our society is facing. There is a lot to stress about. While some stress is normal and necessary, excessive stress can be detrimental to your health. Chronic tension headaches are one of the most common stress-related ailments. I am blessed to not suffer from any type of headache.

Stress Factor

My back is hurting me right now, so maybe my body is just prone to buckling under stress. Many of my clients and colleagues complain of severe headaches. Stress is a major problem these days, regardless of whether you are a business owner, a factory worker, or an investor trying to understand the “new” economy. When your head hurts, you can’t take care your business. Even a mild headache can knock you off your game. We cannot afford to be less than our best these times.

What can you do to combat headaches? Are you looking for some effective drugs? It might be of interest to you to know that researchers did a major study in which they compared two forms of treatment for chronic tension headaches a few years back.


According to the Journal of Manipulative Physiotherapy, spinal manipulation – the type of treatment you get at a good chiropractor – is better than pharmaceuticals when it comes down to stopping the pounding in your head. As such studies often do, the study compared two groups with chronic headache sufferers. One group received pharmaceutical treatments and the other spinal adjustments.

After four weeks, they stopped the study and re-examined both groups. The group that had taken the drugs was back at the beginning, with no change from the baseline. However, the bone doctor group was in much better health. Their headache intensity fell by an average of 32 per cent, their headache frequency dropped by 42 percent, and their “functional health status” was up 16% This was just four weeks after their treatments ended.

Let’s understand it

How much easier could it be to run your business, or carry out your mission, if your overall vitality were 16 percent higher than it currently is? How much better could things be for chronic headache sufferers if there were four out of ten brain-bangers fewer and they were a third less painful? Those numbers could be even better if you continue with your chiropractic care (without taking off four weeks). Find a good chiropractor. I see my chiropractor once a month, regardless of whether it is necessary.

Any kind of pain will have to be reported. To keep your vitality high, you need to be consistent with the five daily health habits I call The NEWSS: Exercise, Nutrition, Water, Sleep, and Supplements. Your business, which depends on your body, will be more successful if it runs smoothly. Regular chiropractic care can help keep your body in good shape. It can make a big difference in your health, wealth, and the chance that you live an inspiring life.