Can Stress Kill You?

Sad adult woman sitting on dark home corridor floor.

Some folks will tell you that they thrive under stress. That stress is a method of life for them and that they reach what they do when anxiety is present. Maybe this is true for some people with the ideal sort of genes to deal with stress, without losing their cool. For the vast majority of us nevertheless stress means an overload on the system and has potential serious health consequences.

About Stress

It’s been proven that even minor stress levels have a negative influence on the immune system. High stress levels which may result from major events like death of someone near you, divorce or loss of your work, and many other events that put high pressure on you, can harm your immune system to the point it is only half as successful as ordinary. This opens the door to health problems caused by low immunity to germs and viruses. Studies have proven that a person who’s under high stress on the job, for as little as a week, will have lower levels of minerals in their own blood. Levels of different nutrients in the blood also fall significantly.


The American College of Nutrition recommends that those under high stress ought to take a magnesium supplement. They should also have a supplement which comprises iron, chromium, copper, selenium and zinc to replace depleted supplies of those minerals in the blood flow. The B vitamins and vitamins E and C will also be needed to maintain the immune system in top form.

In terms of eating, when under pressure, steer clear of sugar laden soft drinks, candy and coffee that are detrimental to the immune system. The best things to eat are complex carbohydrates like whole grain baked goods, pastas and cereals. If you just can,t give up coffee, drink as little as possible and only with foods. Totally avoid fatty fast foods. They’re enemies of your health in general and of your immune system in particular. Drink loads of water to help flush toxins out of your body.


Keeping active and fit by way of regular exercise is the most important. Exercise has been shown to be a stress fighter par excellence. Getting sufficient good sound sleep is one of the most effective ways to fight stress. Just one night of sleeplessness will cause your immune system to become 30 percent less powerful. To put it in very simple terms to maintain the effects of anxiety to a minimum you will need to live an active healthy lifestyle with loads of nutritious foods and decent sleep.