Can Cancer Be Cured Based On Extracts From The Placenta?

placenta simulando un árbol y su cordón umbilical el pasto

Dutch born M.D. William H. Van Ewijk of “Autobiologics” is quick to point out that cancer isn’t necessarily the killer it’s painted out to be. Founder of the “Placenta Research Foundation”, until recently found in the Netherlands; he has initiated some remarkable anti-cancer remedies based on extracts from a particular portion of the human placenta.

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Dr Van Ewijk is of the opinion that cancer is a natural occurrence and likens it . Because in pregnancy cells multiply and proliferate in much the same manner as in that collection of diseases we’ve come to predict cancer. However, in the case of the latter this gestation appears “in the wrong time and in the wrong location.” Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG, a hormone of pregnancy, is found, curiously enough in the surface of cancer cells. Because of this it has come to function as a universal marker for this disorder.

The connection between cancer and pregnancy is by no means new thinking and this is borne out by the older classic oncology textbooks. The connection between pregnancy and cancer was initially muted by Dr. Cohnheim way back in the mid-nineteenth century. At that time it had been known as “the concept of embroynal remainder”. Dr Beard was a firm advocate of the hypothesis and it stayed in medical approval well into the twentieth century.

Good to know

William Van Ewijk has taken the ideas of Russian Doctor, Victor Govallo, and developed them further. The placenta, a phrase taken from Greek, is definitely the most significant organ of pregnancy. It’s essential because it offers nourishment and protection for the fetus during its stay in the uterus. Being similar in constituency into the mother’s white blood cells it acts as a filter for immune cells and other aspects that go to fortify immunity against disease and infection.

The placenta is also the website for many, many mobile factories which manufacture suppressor lymphocytes another excellent blessing to the immune system. Dr. Van Ewijk’s treatment protocol involves taking a particular extract from the human placenta. Moreover, he’s perfected an innovative product VG-1000.

Immune system

This is an immune system modifier designed to prevent and cure cancer. This non-toxic, organic product acts as a vaccine and unmasks cancerous cells as they mutate into life threatening malignancies. Ina’s X-rays revealed cancerous signals on the liver and has been diagnosed with Ardenocarcinoma in 1998. After a Liver de-tox and just 7 doses of this VG-1000 her right sided liver pain subsided and her general feeling of weakness and malaise reduced. The next year, again after a liver de-tox, she took two doses of the remedy a week for 5 weeks.

Since 2001 she has been carrying 3-5 doses of VG-1000 a month and now lives quite normally without symptoms. She’s only one of the numerous recorded successes Dr. Van Ewijk has had with his incredibly successful” IET” or”Immuno Embryo Therapy” remedies using extracts of the human placenta.