Bio Identical Hormone Therapy Vs HRT?

I’ve written before about bio-identical hormones – that would be used rather than standard HRT to help alleviate menopausal symptoms – and therefore are regarded as a’natural’ option since they’re plant established. That is, rather than being derived from the urine of horse as is the case with conventional HRT. However, lots of women have contacted me since they had never heard of bio identical hormones before and were eager to try it.

Let’s start

I just wanted to make a few things clear. Firstly, rather than leap into hormone treatment as the first treatment you try, be certain you have a good diet and exercise regimen in place. It’s no good taking hormones to re-balance your own body, once you aren’t giving enough vitamins and nutrients to work properly in the first location. Likewise with exercise, your body needs daily motion to keep it at it’s peak and to perform at it’s best. So as soon as you know that you are giving it what it needs, if symptoms of menopause still persist, that is the time to seek guidance about what other remedies are available.

Secondly, all medications carry dangers. And as tempting as it is to think that plant extracts treatment is completely risk free, this might not always be true. While it’s certainly true that the botanical hormones are absorbed by the body easier than the artificial type (like in HRT), the decision to begin on a course of therapy shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should be analyzed initially and a questionnaire filled in so that a precise diagnosis can be made.

Keep in mind

Diet, lifestyle, age , will be taken under consideration and a recommendation made as to whether the treatment is perfect for you and if it’s, what hormones are required. The best course is one which is composed for the individual patient as”one size fits all” treatment certainly isn’t true in the case of the menopausal women. Every woman has different requirements and the best thing about the treatment, is that it’s tailored made to suit every individual. This is one reason that bio-identical hormone treatment can’t be patented, because every formulation will change, according to the person. The initial formulation may require tweaking and you’ll have to be re-tested to be certain it is ideal for you. But if you do go down this path, you should see a difference in your well being within a couple of weeks.