Are You Looking For Simple Self Defense Product?

Tear gas or pepper spray in jeans pocket. Self defense tool.

He rolled down the front and sprayed them with one shot of pepper spray. All 4 of those people started to pay their eyes and one by one dropped down to their knees . I don’t know what you think about reality shows but I am pretty certain they were not advertising pepper sprays.


There were no commercials on, before or after the show ended about defense sprays. This grabbed my attention very quickly and I saw that the guy repossess the automobile just put the car in reverse and drive off. The four attempting to stop him were on the floor as he drove away. I know, for a fact that this is possible but to really see it only reassured me that this is was the best product to use for a situation just like this. When someone gets shot with pepper spray they will immediately close their eyes because the spray will swell up the very small vessels in the eyes which makes them close immediately.

After this occurs they can barely get a single breath of air as it also affects the bronchial tubes which makes it nearly impossible for them to grab that next breath. This offers the victims or intended victims the opportunity to get away for assistance or to a secure location. The assailants will gradually recover their breath and their eyes will start to open after 15 to 20 minutes, depending upon the individual sprayed so these effects aren’t permanent nor will they leave some permanent symptoms.

Now just because the self defense spray has been the ideal product to use in this scenario doesn’t mean it is going to be the ideal product for all self defense scenarios. A stun gun wouldn’t have worked since they would all need to be touched with the gun one at a time. A personal alarm wouldn’t have been greatest either because it wouldn’t have prevented the assailants from continuing their attack. To know which is the best products to use in various situations you would need to examine the self defense products to find out what they’re capable of and how to use them.


A simple comprehension of these goods can be carried out by simply searching them out. Practice with each item helps also. To fully be protected at all times you will need the very best tools for this situation and you’ll get the best results. Understand, practice and watching videos such as the one I watched and of course arm yourself with the best products for you by seeking advice from professionals. All self defense products do different things and if you understand what each item does you will be more able to select which product to use no matter what the circumstance.


Realistically, it wouldn’t be that expensive to have distinct defense products with you regardless of where you wind up this way you’ll be ready for any circumstance. It’s not too late to begin protecting yourself. Keep in mind that crime does happen and it can happen to you too. Don’t be scared be prepared and confident.


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