Are You Having Problems After Tubal Ligation?

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Have you ever had your tubes tied or a tubal ligation and are now having problems? If you’re you aren’t alone. Each and every day there are girls who don’t understand what’s going on and are looking for help to find relief but most in the medical area aren’t responding.

Tubal ligation

Perhaps you have heard of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome? Tubes tied and having difficulties after isn’t something that’s new. But, there are girls who ask, write and beg for relief from some in the medical field which don’t admit that Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome is real. Changes in the menstrual cycle. Many times women who have had their tubes tied suffer from severe cramping and heavy bleeding.

Mood swings- these are far worse then the PMS that many suffer from. Weight gain-no matter how much dieting and exercising is done it doesn’t help. Guilt over bringing this on your own and relatives. Not feeling like your usual self. Feelings of despair that won’t go away. There’s help for people with problems after having their tubes tied. Women are currently seeking the aid of tubal ligation reversal surgeons.

Keep in mind

What’s most amazing is that these girls are reporting extreme improvements right after surgery. The anxiety appears to disappear and the hair loss ceases. The top tubal reversal centre has a message board and site where girls who have been affected since the time of tubal ligation are now experiencing a sense of overall good health.

This is something they have prayed for many years oftentimes. If you’ve had your tubes tied and are experiencing some or all the symptoms listed above there’s help available. By searching online for the ones that have endured and how they’ve found relief will explain the drastic improvement and come from women who have suffered from Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.


Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome will be here as long as tubal ligation has been performed. It’s sad that doctors don’t warn their patients that this may happen to them. Until those in the health care field admit that this is really a condition there’ll be specialist tubal reversal surgeons reversing the process.