Are There Simple Self-Defense Tips For Women?

Determined young Latina using Krav Maga techniques to protect herself from attacker man on city street. Female self-defense concept

Despite the fact that it’s very important for everyone to worry about their safety and security, women are in greater danger when compared with men because they seem feeble and delicate. Due to these reasons, it’s necessary for them to learn the simple self-defense strategies and to take a mobile and small self-defense weapon together.

Let’s be honest

However careful you are when you’re outside your house, you can never tell what would happen outside because crime knows no one. Everyday, you can hear somebody being abducted, robbed, raped or attacked. Due to the incidence of crime everywhere, self-defense is important especially when you’re lonely when walking home or if walking in dark alleys and roads. Remember that you’re on your own and you can’t rely on other individuals to shield you.

Good thing if there are other people around or there’s a roving police officer to answer your call, but what if you’re all alone? To prevent becoming a victim of crime, it’s very important that you follow the basic actions to avoid attracting the attention of criminals. If you leave late night overtime in the office, make certain you walk home with a friend or colleague. Avoid walking alone in dark alleys or roads. If ever you don’t have any one to accompany you when you go home, make certain to walk in well-lighted alleys and roads.


To prevent potential attacks, make certain to avoid walking in places or areas that are prone to robberies, hold-ups and rapes. Avoid hanging around in dark places. Make certain to walk quickly and confidently. If ever you’re afraid and concerned, you can ask the security guard to escort you to the parking lot or into your vehicle. When going out, make certain to leave your expensive properties like designer jewelry, purses, laptops and other costly items.

Avoid wearing high heels so that you can run away instantly, when emergency arises. Avoid talking to your mobile phone on public as you may become an attractive target for thieves and other perpetrators. Avoid listening to your iPod or mp3 whilst walking home, particularly when walking home at night. During your vacant time, make certain to enroll yourself in special martial arts courses or self-improvement courses so you can learn the basics in protecting yourself from offenders and terrorists. It is also possible to bring self-defense devices like stun guns, pepper sprays and tasers in your pocket or your bag.


Despite its small size, these devices are effective in immobilizing your attackers for many minutes, thus giving you sufficient time to escape and request assist. By carrying these devices within your pockets or bags, you can be certain you could fight back or resist attacks.