Are There Self-Defense Gadgets For Nurses?

Optimistic young adult spanish female nurse or medical student at hospital

Nurses are more vulnerable to attack than any other girl. Generally women are attacked while walking down the street, in a public transportation or at the office. Nurses could be assaulted in such areas, but they also face the possibility of attack by their own patients. A nurse may work in unpredictable situations; she doesn’t know when her patients can turn violent or out of control.

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That’s the reason nurses should ALWAYS make sure they have means of personal protection. Basically, a self-defense class teaches nurses how to take care of the situation in case their individual becomes violent or attempts to assault them. Additionally, it teaches nurses how to come out of this situation without getting hurt themselves or causing any permanent injury to the individual or perpetrator. Nurses tend to ill patients, whether they’re bad or good, mentally unstable or capable.

As such, they could be subject to physical attack by the patients that they attend. They could be molested by a patient when administering drugs or just checking vitals and stats. There’s no’security zone’ wherein physicians can absolutely, unequivocally, be sure of the security while tending their patients. If you’re a nurse and are assigned to work on night duty, you know how hard it might sometimes get to make sure your safety.

Keep in mind

Suppose after a day shift at the hospital you go out for home. The roads are isolated, and as you walk you might begin feeling anxious of your environment. Then, you hear footsteps coming closer to you – step by step. What would you do? Don’t panic. Panic is the enemy of clear thought and logical actions. Be prepared: have a strategy and implement it. And as always, take some, any, means of self-defense close at hand.

Self-defense gadgets come to the rescue for those nurses who face the daily threat of an assault. After all, you’re in up-close, intimate contact with strangers all day long; that can say what’s going through their heads. It’s compulsory that you carry something small, compact, and simple to use, in your person. The key chain kubotan is just right for this scenario; its smaller dimensions could be slipped into your pocket rounds, and you will never forget it as your keys will be attached.

Final note

The Electronic Pocket Whistle is another interesting, powerful gadget. In case a patient gets out of control, all you’ve got to do is press a button. The loud, agonizing noise will bring much needed attention and help to your rescue. These devices are not only beneficial in a working environment; but they’re also effective wherever you’re. At work, using public transport, walking down the street or through the parking lot to your car – any place where you face the prospect of an attack is right for the use of those tools. If data are to be considered, on an average, a nurse is attacked 1 to 3 times while on duty. These are simply a few options for nurses, and all women everywhere, to bear in mind as means of personal protection. Your very best option is to research all types of self-defense, and determine what suits your unique situation and skills.