Are There Safe Post Nasal Drip Treatments?

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Post nasal drip can be caused by allergies, environmental factors, or poor hydration. At best, you might not be getting enough fluid to thin the mucous secretions in your sinuses, which can lead to abnormal sinus drainage. Your sinuses can also be affected by chlorine-treated swimming pools. It is best to use saltwater pools.}

Post Nasal Drip

It can cause congestion, sneezing, and coughing. You may also feel pain in your neck and head, including headaches and throat irritations. Inhaling steam to thin your mucous is a good post nasal drip treatment. A saline spray is another effective treatment. A saline spay consists of saltwater. To clean your sinuses, you mix salt with warm water.

You can treat post nasal drip without medication. To reduce drainage, you can massage your sinuses. This is often called a sinus relief massage.

Relief Massage

Make sure your hands are at room temperature. Start at the middle of your forehead and move your fingertips in a circular motion towards your temples. Next, move closer to the ridge of the nose and massage your cheeks. Continue this motion by moving your fingertips in a circular motion towards your temples.

To help prevent sinus drainage, you can also add Acupressure to your facial massage technique. This is basically pushing certain parts of your face for a set amount of time. These methods can be difficult to explain, including how they aid sinus drainage.

Herbal Help

Another great home remedy is herbs. They don’t require medication. Barberry and eucalyptus are the most preferred and most loved herbs. These herbs have the antibacterial, alkaloids, and substances that fight the infection.

A variety of natural foods, including broccoli and cauliflower, can help you get a lot of vitamin. Oranges and pineapple are good sources of vitamin A if you like fruit.