Are There Powerful Stun Guns?

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Of all of the thousands of stun guns on the market these days, not many of these fall into the category of what we’d call strong stun guns. Powerful stun guns are the ones which are 5,000,000 volts or more. There are precious few of these that are worthy of your consideration.

Take into account

They may cost a bit more but they’re worth it because in an attack situation the more power you’ve got on your apparatus less time is required to make it effectively get the job done. Here are just three of the most effective stun guns available anywhere. The first unit is by Streetwise and it’s a flashlight stun weapon that’s 11,000,000 volts making it the most effective stun device that we’re conscious of.

It’s rechargeable and has an integrated LED flashlight. It has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and the stun gun has to maintain on position for it to be activated-so two degrees of security protect you. It includes a stylish, durable holster for easy carrying and has a three-year guarantee. Among the most popular is that a mobile phone look-alike known as the “Immobilizer.” It’s 5.5 million volts and is just 4 inches tall and two inches wide.

Did you know?

It looks exactly like a mobile phone but is a effective self-defense device that provides you the added benefit of surprise in an assault. It’s completely rechargeable and also has an integrated LED flashlight. It has a lifetime guarantee and comes with a holster to make carrying this stun device a bit of cake. Additionally, there are two levels of security built-in so that you can not accidentally stun yourself.

The third strong stun device is known as the Stun My Attacker Compact Keychain (SMACK) 5,000,000 volt gun that’s so small at 3.5″ x 1.25″ it has a keychain attachment. Three months ago my niece, who lives in Detroit, Michigan, was assaulted when she was coming from a shop in a mall. She heard a man approach her from behind and reached into her handbag for what seemed like a mobile phone and set it up to her ear as though she was talking.


It really was a powerful stun gun which she applied to the assailant as he grabbed her around the throat. We always advise that you get as strong a gun as possible for the money. All three of those powerful stun devices represent excellent value and will offer you years of security for your personal security and personal security.