Are There Parking Lot Safety Tips?

A Lonely Parking Lot on a Cold, Rainy Night - with a Small Collection of Parked Cars in the Background and a Thick Mist Gathering Under the Lights

A lot of people discover that parking lots are unavoidable nowadays – you’re always have to a location to park when you attend work or shop. These could be dangerous places, because criminals target this certain area because of low lighting, low degrees of security, Below are a few actions you can take to help reduce the probabilities that you fall victim to 1 of the criminals.

Take note

  • Once you walk by way of a parking lot during the night (any moment really, This helps it be easier to enter your vehicle as as you possibly can soon, as well as your keys can be utilized as a weapon in case you are attacked.
  • When you can, happen to be use co-workers or friends. An attacker is most probably to focus on alone those who are, if you arrive to utilize several people and walk to your vehicle with several people, an attacker shall await a less strenuous target.
  • Try not utilizing the stairs. The stairs lead to a straightforward place for an attacker to cover up, take the elevator instead.
  • A lot of people these full days unlock their car with the buttons on the keychain. This can be a great thing to possess, but usually do not use it and soon you are right close to your car. plus they will get there with time to cover up by your vehicle for a straightforward attack.
  • Keep the hands free. work with a back pack which means you have the hands free. If the hands are full, there are many effective, affordable self-defense items you may use.

Stun Guns

If you send a large number of volts of electricity during your attacker, they don’t feel just like attacking you any more. Actually, they’ll oftimes be laying on the floor in significant amounts of pain. Stun guns could be disguised as much common items – mobile phones, and lipstick to begin with – and will easily be carried in your hand, pocket, purse, or on your own keychain even.

Pepper Spray

This can be a great way to prevent your attacker within their tracks. Pepper spray will come in many forms, and will easily be carried with you. When you are having to use parking lots regularly, it is very important learn how to defend yourself.