Are There Natural Menopause Treatments?

The root of angelica dahurica used in traditional Chinese medicine

A range of natural menopause herbs have demonstrated great signs of efficacy in reducing if not treating symptoms associated with menopause. Most of these herbs act on the normal menopause problem and are proven to have no significant side effects. Dong Quai, it’s such a useful natural herb which helps seizing or diminishing the stages of menopause.

Herbal treatment

Rhizomes and dried roots of the special herb behave on a woman’s uterus so that congestion and cramps are reduced. It does alleviate hot flashes; thanks to both anti-rheumatic components or agents. Besides, this herb is also effective in relieving pain in your muscles and on particular minutes, reduces levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

It’s suggested to bring a half teaspoon of the tincture 2 times per day or consume a 250 mg tablet or capsule 2 to 4 times per day. This herb is known as a powerful balancer of hormones and its usage is to alleviate or avoid menopause depression. The component normally used are its fruit and must be dried to operate effectively.

It needs to be taken at the mounts of 300 to 600 milligrams in form of tables or capsules daily. This natural menopausal herb is simply pituitary regulator in addition to antidepressant. It comes in to solve problem of girls difficulties in sex. In addition, it can be regarded as an aphrodisiac.

Perfect if its leaves are dried; require a bout 100 to 150 mg in capsule or pill, 3-4 times per day; a tincture of 1/2 teaspoonfuls 2 or three times daily. Its leaves, roots and tops make the very best and awesome treatment for menopause related issues. It treats the liver and for those who have hormonal imbalances, that is your liver is facing much stress, its origins will lessen this issue.

Basically, take 2 to 3 tea cups every day, 1,000 to 3,000 mg in capsule or tables and see what you could become from using this herb. It makes the record of natural menopause herbs to be used by women to reduce symptoms associated with estrogen deficiency.


The herb is full of plant estrogen known as phytosterols which behind this operation. Take at least 500 mg in capsule or pill two times per day or a half teaspoon of dong Quai tincture two times per day. It functions effectively as an estrogen control and poses a direct and immediate function on a woman’s uterus in addition to the ovaries to reduce menopausal effects. Typically, the herb is seen as the greatest corrective therapeutic herb for a woman suffering from this problem.