Are There Menopause Myths?

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Any that has goneor is going through, may endure typical but nevertheless unique . Most have a wealth of information about ‘what to do,’ what they ‘should’ do, and what’s going to occur when menopause strikes. This may be substantiated because many girls can inform you about the fountain of knowledge owned by men, friends, and co-workers. And to make things even more frightening and confusing, then there is the old ‘wives’s stories’ which appear to gain legitimacy!

What is happening?

All the’he explained,”she said’ invades the senses and several women let themselves believe that the unkind and unfair innuendos and jabs of jokes. Let’s set the record straight! Women don’t turn into menopausal monsters! There are changes, yes, but these changes don’t make females any less girls than they ever were! Perhaps the following can improve relations between women and men about menopause myths. Many men believe menopause starts bright and early one morning at age 50. This isn’t correct!

Menopause can occur at 40 years old (even earlier), but generally begins somewhere around 53 years old. And, in all fairness, menopause could be triggered by , ovarian removal, autoimmune disease (associated with poor and/or diet), or chronic (inducing anti-ovarian antibodies). Men have also been known to say things like,’she was wacko most of her life, so she will be really bonkers when menopause strikes’ Some women sail through menopause with no noticeable changes. Some do not. Personal , childbearing, family health history, dietary habits, tobacco use, alcohol and -esteem are big factors in how menopause affects a .

Presuming weight gain will be a part of menopause is just another myth. Many women never have hot flashes, and many really drop weight through menopause. Over and over, guys insinuate that girls lose interest in when menopause strikes. Here’s a news flash for you, Masters and Johnson, sexual researchers, have decided that a woman’s sex desire has absolutely nothing related to levels. Actually, fewer than 20 percent of women report significantly less interest in sex during menopause.


For ages, men have all women have , hot flashes, , , and much more when menopause hits. Butactually, 15 percent of women go through menopause with no symptoms whatsoever. Hot flashes are the most common, and affect approximately 85 percent of girls. Wrong again! Menopausal symptoms persist anywhere from six to 13 years! Not precisely, young man. Sure, some women need estrogen or replacement therapy medications, but a true wonder-drug is the man behind the woman! Try just a little TLC, respect, support, and healthy self-esteem. You’d be amazed just how much love can enhance the inevitable changes within life.


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