Are There Defense Tips For Women Who Live Alone?

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They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of response and in this specific situation I can’t agree more. It’s great for a to understand , but it is better if she has to use it. at this way for a minute. The new craze in combating is the MMA in which the fighting games are as like the Roman gladiators since the promoters can make thembelieve me, this ai not WWF. It’s the real McCoy.

Let’s be honest

Looking at the credentials of those fighters they’re Black Belts in just about any kind of you will find and yet 95% of the time the two fighters wind up on the canvas wrestling about. I’m not being chauvinists once I sat a 100 pounds. 225 lb. Man in a wrestling game. Let’s look at a few hints of how to keep out of bad circumstances, at least the best manner, nothing is 100% with the crazies running around out there, and to remain safe. Generally speaking, if you find a suspicious coming you, alter your path and be ready to run if he follows.

Don’t wear expensive looking jewelry, even if it’s costume that the idiot does not know that, when alone. Perhaps the most surprising technique is to appear positive, walk with a certain stride not a cowardly meek shuffle. Use public transportation when possible, because there are normally in numbers. Wait in a public location, like a coffee shop until the bus or cab arrives.

When riding a bus or train after hours, sit in the car with the most people or directly behind the bus driver, and do not sit beside the window as you might be blocked from being able to get into the aisle and operate. Walkers and joggers should be especially conscious of their surroundings at all times. Vary your route and times of if possible.

Don’t put on a walkman while running because you can not hear what is happening around you. You may hear something in the distance far earlier than you can view it. Never assume that just because the area was secure it will continue to be.

Final note

A fashionable and secure neighborhood starts to decline with the initial offense, do not you be the first. Lastly, if shadowed by a vehicle, instantly dart across the road and run back the way you came.


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