Are There A Natural Alternative To HRT?

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I suffer with severe hot flushes and night sweats but, as a result of medical problem, I can not take hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Can you please advise me of any natural options that would alleviate this issue? When levels of this hormone oestrogen fall through the change of life, or menopause, the body becomes parched and everything is lethargic. The heart rate drops, the cells don’t get enough oxygen, the microcirculation is usually bad, so is the digestion, and mental stamina is reduced.

Women’s issues

Because of this, women often, suffer chronic fatigue, headaches and depression in addition to memory loss, anxiety, mood swings, poor concentration and insomnia. Hot flushes and night sweats chemical lack of sleep. The explanation for these is that the ovaries are still working to some extent also, from time to time, especially at night, they release small amounts of oestrogen.

Because the oestrogen is discharged so abruptly, the body, which has been used to the reduced degrees, feels enraged, especially in the upper and facial areas. The heart rate goes up, blood vessels dilate, the face is flushed. You may experience palpitations and sweat a large in addition to feeling rather anxious. This is, in actuality, a defence mechanism to your body, therefore it’s not bad in itself. If you can live with it, without taking pharmaceutical medications, that is preferable.

There are, however, a raft of pure measures that could help. If girls can prepare for this shift in advance-say, around age 48 – it will help greatly. You need to realize that while the hormone oestrogen is made by the ovaries, the message to do this comes from the adrenal gland -the master gland that controls all hormones. This is located in the front part of the brain. If you look after the pituitary gland, then you need to have almost no problem with any hormones.

What to do?

Among the main things to begin doing is yoga, which will stretch your spine and neck and thus improve your circulation and the health of your thyroid. Recommended presents are cobra turtle, swing, semi-bridge and throat twist These are detailed in my Lifestyle video, or you might learn them with an experienced yoga teacher. Breathing exercises are also important to keep you calm and centred. Do the yoga exercises recorded previously before bed for five or ten minutes.

Have a massage or four times per month, focusing on the spine and neck. Invariably, with problems such as yours, your neck will be quite stiff. Two of the biggest contributory factors are sitting in a computer and driving; have regular breaks. Sleep on one thin, down pillowthis is going to assist your neck. Slimming down is essential: hot flushes are more excruciating once you’re heavy.


Diet wise, steer clear of salt coffee, alcohol and anything that might lead to bloating, such as yeast-containing foods, carbonated beverages, chickpeas and beans. Drink 1.5 litres of pure water every day, in between meals. Drink Ayurvedic Relaxation Tea. At night take one pill of this Ayurvedic remedy Brento with warm water or milk that will assist you relax and improve your quality of sleep. Take 1 capsule of aloe vera twice per day.

Don’t have a hot tub at night: have a warm shower throughout the day followed by a cool one. This will tone your body and place it in an alert state so that any increase in oestrogen levels isn’t a shock. Try to stay calm before bed. Get loads of fresh air.

Try this!

During the day, take the following combination of natural remedies, which are oestrogen mimics. Mix 1 teaspoon shatavari powder with 1/4 tsp kolonji oil and 1 tsp runny honey in a small glass of warm milk and drink daily for a few months. If the hot flushes are intense, take 1 tablet of dong quai daily and 15 drops of agnus castus tincture twice daily, before meal for a few months. If you’ve got a history of troublesome periods, take 1 capsule of Mexican yam daily.

Acupuncture and homoeopathy are often very helpful for menopausal issues. Another reader who’s taking HRT asks why she experiences a feeling of burning in her legs. If you examine the small print on the leaflets accompanying the pill or HRT, you may see that it says you shouldn’t take both of them if you have liver damage.


To put it differently, these medications can damage the liver. In traditional Indian medicine, burning legs are viewed as a sign of a malfunctioning (not necessarily a busted ) liver. I feel that if the liver – the most important barrier between the intestine and the blood flow – is brittle, toxins in the gut can enter the blood. This irritation can lead to additional sensitivity in the nerves of the legs and feet, a condition called hyperthasia which ends in a feeling of burning.

Mild liver damage tends to make blood vessels dilate, resulting in the formation of thread veins and compact clots and haemorrhages. You can see the result in pill users, who frequently have patchy, blotchy skin. When the blood vessels dilate, it transmits more warmth into the affected region; it appears that taking the pill or HRT may affect the liver, cause the blood vessels to dilate.


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