Are Self Defense Knives Safe?

Swiss army multipurpose multitool knife isolated on white

Safe and proper handling of your knife is vital to be able to decrease the possibility of injuring yourself. For those who have chosen a fantastic quality knife, the blade will be extremely sharp and will remain sharp. First, if your knife isn’t in your hand it needs to be folded and in its sheath.

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If you put it down somewhere it may hurt you or someone else accidentally. If you ever drop your knife, don’t attempt and catch it. It can do much more harm to you than will happen to it if it strikes the ground. There should be some fantastic repair shops in your area who can help you if your knife is ruined (just do a search for’knife fix city, state’). Don’t use your knife.

With few exceptions, knives weren’t designed to pry and doing so can damage the knife such as breaking off the tip or chipping the blade edge. Keep your knife sharp and clean. A sharp knife will do everything you ask of it and a clean knife will open if you need it. A dull or dirty knife could be tricky to open and can snag during use. If you’ve got a blade that locks, dirt may stop the locking mechanism from working properly which may lead to the blade opening or closing suddenly.


Use a sharpening stone to sharpen your knife rather than a power grinder which could produce the edge brittle. If you’re handing your knife to a person do this by handing them handle first. For extra safety you would like to be holding the back of the knife blade near the handle. Hold the blade between your thumb and index finger with the blade pointing toward the sky and the rear of the blade resting between the knuckles of your thumb and index finger.


This minimizes the possibility of the blade slicing your hand if another person takes the knife. Always keep the blade facing away from the body. To put it differently, never cut towards yourself. No matter how skilled the handler, a blade will gradually slide and can do some serious injury.


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