Alternative Medicine For Menopause?

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Alternative Medicine For Menopause – You Need Not Suffer! Menopause is a stage resulting in stopped menstrual function and menstrual periods in girls. Menopause usually occurs at age 50 and marks the conclusion of a female fertile life. Medically it can be described as a period and the female body begins reducing the production of testosterone and estrogens hormones.

Natural factor

It’s a natural process rather than a disease, and affects every girl in her mid life. Surveys have shown that a good deal of women may experience menopause at an earlier age. More than 20 percent of women experience a menopause in mid 40’s and is an issue of concern as it may cause serious psychological issues among girls. Homeopathy: Homeopathy is one of the best remedies for menopause as it doesn’t involve use of harmful drugs in establishing hormonal imbalance.

In homeopathy, symptoms of this disease are studied to ascertain the treatment procedure. Folliculinium is a homeopathy procedure that has been determined to work against the pre-menopausal period. It assists in stimulating the ovaries to keep the production of estrogen in the body. Hormone Replacement Therapy: It is a brand new addition for the treatment of menopause and includes medications that could improve the amount of estrogen and progesterone in the body. Hormone replacement therapy can include any of these methods, like pills, creams, vaginal rings, gels and injections.

Keep in mind

However, the treatment is associated with a range of unwanted effects, such as weight gain, depression, acute diseases and heart attack. So a health practitioner must be consulted prior to going for a hormone replacement therapy. Herbal Medicine: herbal products are proved very effective in maintaining the correct amount of hormones in the body with no side effects. Isoflavones or plant estrogen is extremely effective in eliminating hot flashes and night sweats. Medically, 50 g of soy protein daily is sufficient for avoiding pre-menopause.

Liquorice is just another herbal medicine which could be helpful against pre-menopause as it includes high contents of estrogen. Although, the herbal products have fewer side effects, but nevertheless substantial dose of these medications should be avoided to maintain their efficacy in longer term. Ayurvedic Treatments: Ayurvedic remedies may also be used to prevent pre-menopause, to a great extend. Aloe gel, Shatavari, Saffron, Kapikacchu, and Ashwagandha are a few of the Ayurvedic medicines that have demonstrated positive effects in strengthening and rejuvenating the female reproductive system.


Surveys have shown that these herbs, if taken with milk are highly effecting in preventing pre-menopause. Ayurvedic remedies are claimed to be safer than other treatment approaches in regulating the hormone level and psychological imbalance among females.